Monday, December 31, 2007


We bought our tree the second weekend in December and I decided we should have a tree triming party to celebrate our first Christmas together. It was last minute but was such fun. All of the kids were in charge of decorating the tree. Maya supervised - as you see she is telling Oliver where his ornaments should go.

It was a Pomitini themed party for all the adults and Good God did I have too many of them. Still can't look at Pomegranate juice.

The pictures by the tree are from our own photo shoot in the living room for holiday cards. She loved posing for me. Always going back to her mark when I asked - my little SuperModel.

The top pictures are from my house Christmas morning and then the Grandparent's house Christmas day. What a multitasker...opened presents without missing a sip.

Tonight is New Year's Eve. Missy Pooh is upstairs sound asleep. I am one happy Mama.


So much to be thankful for......


My little Ladybug.......